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Intelligent & Digital E-commerce, New Ecology of Global Consumption Value

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About Twoba Box

Twoba Box was founded by PT Twoba Box Indonesia of Jakarta, Indonesia, and is wholly owned by Elite Bizconsulting of Singapore. Relying on the strong economic strength and technical team of the parent company Elite, we will adapt to the development and application of the new Web economy in the field of e-commerce and build a new generation of e-mall Twoba Box. Twoba Box is made by the Group with great efforts, based on web 3.0 technology, to master the end users and form Twoba Box super user group, so that products can be endowed with the value of consensus.
Twoba Box has created a series of traceability and smart e-commerce application scenarios, including live streaming of Internet celebrities, social e-commerce, global merchants, new retail services, innovative e-commerce services, etc. Using PaaS cloud services, big data, blockchain and AI technologies, Twoba Box is strategically supported by Singapore's leading investment institutions, a number of international investment companies and digital economy industry associations as eco-partners, working closely with industry chain partners to build a profitable e-commerce 3.0 platform open to all.


The core technology of blockchain is used to trace the source of goods, and the logistics information of goods distribution is connected in real time.


Mall uses big data, AI and other intelligent algorithms, intelligent matching users need services.


To build an efficient global e-commerce token economy network, break the traditional system and open the new future business of global e-commerce.

What can you do

You can shop, earn rewards, and invest value-added in Twoba Box


Twoba Box is for global merchants and you can buy from anywhere in the world.

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Earn Rewards

Buy any goods in the mall, you can get a certain TBT reward.

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Invest Value-added

TBT, issued on blockchain, has a large consensus value-added base.

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Our Advantage

Combining traditional trade with e-commerce 3.0, build a new form of e-commerce, create a prosperous consumption system, excellent application scenarios, and symbiosis with all users.

High Quality and Inexpensive

Through the creation of a new generation of e-commerce, Twoba Box can better enrich and improve the operation of e-commerce with the help of blockchain technology, big data and artificial intelligence.

Consensus Values

In Twoba box, you not only can purchase good quality and affordable products, but also gain great extra value. Purchase any item at Twoba Box and receive extra rewards. This is the extraordinary value of consensus.

Enabling Massive Data Traffic

Twoba Box has brought massive traffic. In the post-epidemic era, when all industries are in recession, such as movies, catering, aviation and transportation, Twoba Box has formed a consensus attraction, and you will get discounts for spot sale and pre-sale in Twoba Box mall.


Discounted film tickets can be purchased at Twoba Box, and film producers can pre-sell tickets at Twoba Box, which can obtain a large number of users and lower film distribution costs. In addition, airlines bring more benefits to Twoba Box users through pre-sale of Twoba Box.

From All Walks of Life Support

Twoba Box is strategically supported by Singapore's leading investment institutions, several international investment companies and digital economy industry associations as eco-partners, as well as with the full support from its parent company Elite, work closely with partners in Southeast Asia and around the world.

Follow the Trend

A new generation of e-commerce 3.0 rolls in, sweeping the world, all walks of life have been transformed, the world is ushering in a new era, new opportunities. Twoba Box seized the opportunity of The Times and stood in the wind of The Times. global integration will depend on the ecosystem of e-commerce 3.0.


Mall Feature

Twoba Box realizes credible trading system, de-intermediation, product traceability, one-stop service and other scenarios through Saas, blockchain, AI, big data and other technical means.

Shopping is Mining

Purchase of any goods in Twoba Box mall is considered as mining behavior, get Twoba Box token TBT. Users are both investors and merchants, and can both invest and gain value from consensus.

E-commerce 3.0 Ecology

Twoba box is committed to building the world's most valuable blockchain + token economy large consumption ecosystem, and basically optimizing traditional production relations in a decentralized way, so that global consumers can build together, share dividends and share wealth.

Gain Value-added

In Twoba box, you not only can purchase good quality and affordable products, but also gain great extra value. Purchase any item at Twoba Box and receive extra rewards. By recommending and referring friends, you can also receive a contribution reward.

The Whole Industrial Chain

The Twoba Box ecosystem is constantly upgrading and improving, and will continue to play a far greater role in film distribution, commodity pre-sale, social networking, cross-border trade, supply chain, cloud logistics and other fields.

Multi-value Community

Twoba Box community focuses on the de-centralization of values as the main ideology of the community, and will be committed to building a diversified Dao community through "decentralization" and autonomy. All benefits of the community are shared by the community members.

Open and Transparent

The basic technology of Twoba Box blockchain, the mall management is open and transparent, and greatly reduces the cost of governance and motivates users to participate in DAO. The owner and operation mode of the community will realize the transformation from centralized management to centralized governance.


Extended Application Scenarios

Twoba Box enriches the industrial ecology and is applied to multiple application scenarios in the whole industrial chain.

Online E-commerce 3.0 Platform

Based on the characteristics of high trust, traceability and non-tampering of blockchain technology, building of the Online decentralized blockchain e-commerce 3.0 trading platform for all users.

Film Industry Fund

Twoba Box Blockchain Mall Film Fund, based on social economy, network effect, token economy and other best economic development models, is committed to using organization, data and finance to restructure the global film industry.

Life Service

Twoba Box solves common problems in users' daily life and introduces merchants of life service to provide one-stop life services such as cosmetics, automobiles, e-sports, digital, graphic, clothing and outdoor services.

Financial Application

Twoba Box's expanded financial sector provides multi-channel financial services including insurance, investment and financial management. AI module provides users with a variety of intelligent financial functions.

The Company Main Body

The Twoba Box project was founded by PT Twoba Box Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia. The holding company is Elite Bizconsulting Singapore.

PT Twoba Box Indonesia


Address:The Honey Lady, Lantai 16 Central Business District Pluit, Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya No.1, RT.21/RW.8, Penjaringan, Kec. Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14440
Approval Agency:Indonesia Gov site

Elite Bizconsulting


Approval Agency:Singapore Gov site


Twoba Box has established friendly cooperative relations with well-known enterprises around the world.