Twoba Box
E-commerce 3.0

Intelligent & Digital E-commerce, New Ecology of Global Consumption Value

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Twoba Box was founded by PT Twoba Box Indonesia of Jakarta, Indonesia, and is wholly owned by Elite Bizconsulting of Singapore. Relying on the strong economic strength and technical team of the parent company Elite, we will adapt to the development and application of the new Web economy in the field of e-commerce and build a new generation of electronic mall Twoba Box. Twoba Box is made by the Group with great efforts, based on web 3.0 technology, to master the end users and form Twoba Box super user group, so that products can be endowed with the value of consensus.
Twoba Box has created a series of traceability and smart e-commerce application scenarios, including live streaming of Internet celebrities, social e-commerce, global merchants, new retail services, innovative e-commerce services, etc. Using PaaS cloud services, big data, blockchain and AI technologies, Twoba Box is strategically supported by Singapore's leading investment institutions, a number of international investment companies and digital economy industry associations as eco-partners, working closely with industry chain partners to build a profitable e-commerce 3.0 platform open to all.


The core technology of blockchain is used to trace the source of goods, and the logistics information of goods distribution is connected in real time.


Mall uses big data, AI and other intelligent algorithms, intelligent matching users need services.


To build an efficient global e-commerce token economy network, break the traditional system and open the new future business of global e-commerce.