Twoba Box
E-commerce 3.0

Intelligent & Digital E-commerce, New Ecology of Global Consumption Value

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Twoba Box realizes credible trading system, de-intermediation, product traceability, one-stop service and other scenarios through Saas, blockchain, AI, big data and other technical means.

Shopping is Mining

Buy any goods in Twoba Box mall is mining behavior, get Twoba Box token TBT. Users are both investors and merchants, and can both invest and gain value from consensus.

E-commerce 3.0 Ecology

It is committed to building the world's most valuable blockchain + token economy large consumption ecosystem, and basically optimizing traditional production relations in a decentralized way.

Gain Value-added

Here, you can not only buy good and cheap goods, but also get great value for extra. Buy any item at Twoba Box and get extra rewards. As long as you recommend friends, you can also get a contribution reward.

The Whole Industrial Chain

The Twoba Box ecosystem is constantly upgrading and improving,Build a one-stop whole industrial chain. Twoba Box will continue to play a greater role in film distribution, commodity pre-sale, social networking, cross-border trade, supply chain, cloud logistics and other fields.

Multi-value Community

Twoba Box community focuses on the de-centralization of values as the main ideology of the community, and will be committed to building a diversified Dao community through "decentralization" and autonomy. All benefits of the community are shared by the community members.

Open and Transparent

The basic technology of Twoba Box blockchain, the mall management is open and transparent, and greatly reduces the cost of governance and motivates users to participate in DAO. The owner and operation mode of the community will realize the transformation from centralized management to centralized governance.