Twoba Box
E-commerce 3.0

Intelligent & Digital E-commerce, New Ecology of Global Consumption Value

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Combine traditional trade with e-commerce 3.0, build a new form of e-commerce, create a prosperous consumption system, excellent application scenarios, and symbiosis with all users.

High Quality and Inexpensive

Through the creation of a new generation of e-commerce, Twoba Box can better enrich and improve the operation of e-commerce with the help of blockchain technology, big data and artificial intelligence.

Consensus Values

In Twoba Box, you can not only buy good and cheap goods, but also get additional value gain, and consensus system benefits. Buy any item at Twoba Box and get extra rewards. This is the extraordinary value of consensus.

Enabling Massive Data Traffic

Twoba Box has brought massive traffic. In the post-epidemic era, when all industries are in recession, such as movies, catering, aviation and transportation, Twoba Box has formed a consensus attraction, and you will get discounts for spot sale and pre-sale in Twoba Box mall.


Discount film tickets can be purchased at Twoba Box, and film producers can pre-sell tickets at Twoba Box, which can obtain a large number of users and lower film distribution costs. In addition, airlines bring more benefits to Twoba Box users through pre-sale of Twoba Box.

From All Walks of Life Support

Twoba Box is strategically supported by Singapore's leading investment institutions, several international investment companies and digital economy industry associations as eco-partners, as well as with the full support from its parent company Elite, work closely with partners in Southeast Asia and around the world.

Follow the Tendency

A new generation of e-commerce 3.0 rolls in, sweeping the world, all walks of life have been transformed, the world is ushering in a new era, new opportunities. Twoba Box seized the opportunity of The Times and stood in the wind of The Times. global integration will depend on the ecosystem of e-commerce 3.0.